Dear Canadians,

Let’s be honest: Stephen Harper is the biggest liar in Canada. This disgusts me to the heart. We teach our children to never lie and then we elect Stephen Harper to be our kid’s role model.

Instead we get the most unlikable (i.e. dickhead) Prime Minister in generations. Almost every political headline since 2008 has been about Stephen Harper’s government involved in corruption, scandal, sleaze and criminal activity.

Integrity is the number one quality I want in a leader and the Prime Minister of Canada should set the gold standard. Furthermore, Canada needs to compare itself to it’s full potential. We have 35 million citizens and the second largest country by landmass.

Stephen Harper’s waste, games, photo-ops and hard-core negativity needs to go.

What do you think?

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  • MLK

    My biggest beefs are:

    Harper’s Dictator Tendencies, Corruption, Lies, In Contempt, Election Fraud, Corporate Welfare,
    Non enforcement of environmental laws, Highest emissions per capita, Partisianship on taxpayers dime, Spying, Deficits and the Inequality gap increasing

  • Shannon

    I agree, but let’s see some actual examples of corruption on here. It’s not like you have shortage of material.